About Us

Fish On Bass Anglers

Officer and Board Members

Our Mission...

"Fish-On" Bass Anglers, located in Montgomery County Maryland, is a gathering of bass anglers committed to providing a fun, social and learning club. Our members work to provide an environment for both beginner or experienced anglers. We strive to provide an atmosphere of camaraderie, teaching and shared experiences through friendly competition club tournaments.

Who we are...

"Fish-On" Bass Anglers is a non-affiliated club located in Montgomery County, Maryland with an array of diversified anglers. "Fish-On" Bass Anglers promotes the ideas of angling with the attitude of "sharing knowledge" and set about building an organization where the ideals and mission would be the first priority of membership.

How we operate...

"Fish-On" Bass Anglers holds club meeting monthly to provide anglers with an opportunity to socialize, share and learn. The location was chosen so members could teach and be taught with hands-on fishing gear. "Fish-On" Bass Anglers conduct club tournaments to provide a friendly competition through club tournaments at a small fee.


Membership shall be open to all, without regard to race, creed, color, religion or gender. Minimum age for membership shall be fifteen years. Membership fees are $60.00 per year. All membership dues shall be used for the benefit of the club; i.e awards banquet, mailings and support it’s mission. Annual dues are payable at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the fiscal year or upon being admitted to the club. To attain "Fish-On" Bass Anglers membership status, prospective members are required at minimum to fish four club tournaments and attend four club meetings. Membership is open to non-boaters and boaters. Boaters with Aluminum and Fiberglass boats are welcomed. Boaters must be equipped with a functioning live-well system and engine-interrupting "kill switch". For a complete membership information package please contact our membersip coordinator at joinfoba(at)fishonbassclub(dot)com or attend our next club meeting.

Tournament Information...

The purpose of the club tournaments is to be fun and the sharing of knowledge and teaching with one another. Competition shall be secondary to these goals.


The tournament schedule shall be formulated by the Board of Directors and Tournament Director, with advice of the membership. Schedule will take into account, seasonal migrations of fish, ramp reservations, climate, tidal conditions and water levels.

Number of Tournaments...

The tournament schedule will consist of thirteen tournaments. This number may be adjusted annually. In addition a "Classic Tournament" is planned for years end with a "pot fishing" format.


Tournament fees are low and financial payback to winners is secondary in importance. Paid out as follows: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, Lunker Pot and Classic Pot. Winners of each tournament will participate in prize money from tournament fees. Prize money will be split by registered boaters and non-boaters.


A standings point system (meeting & tournament participation points) shall be used to reward those who participate in meetings and tournaments. In an effort to recognize fishing success, the following plaques or certificates will be presented annually at the awards banquet, based on year end standings;

Boater Division

  • 1st Place – Plaque
  • 2nd Place – Plaque
  • 3rd Place – Plaque
  • 4th Place – Plaque
  • 5th Place – Plaque

Non-Boater Division

  • 1st Place – Plaque
  • 2nd Place – Plaque
  • 3rd Place – Plaque
  • 4th Place – Plaque
  • 5th Place – Plaque 


  • Lunker Award – Plaque (Boater Division - Largest overall Bass caught)
  • Lunker Award – Plaque (Non-Boater Division - Largest overall Bass caught)
  • Most Improved Angler – Plaque